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An international intercommunication coordinator will follow you starting from the first consultation up to the control investigation in the clinic.

Hereby we explain you why it is possible to trust our coordinator without any doubt in choice of clinics to be treated in, the treatment organization and quality control of medical service received in the clinic.

Mrs. Snezhana is working for the field of human medicine and stomatology for more than 15 years.

The Professional Biography Review

Bondar’ Snezhana Alexandrovna

Date of birth: 27.01.1983

Habitation: Saint-Petersburg

Work experience in stomatology: more than 15 years

2017 – present time: Farmgeocom Company Group (equipment for stomatology)

- Keeping relationships with the existing database of clinics at the responsibility area.

- Establishment and development of business relationships with new clinics.

- Organization and carrying out presentations on promoted products for doctors and the clinics top management with the purpose to sell the products.

- Monitoring of business affairs between clinics and trading companies

2013 - 2017 – Aelita dental clinic, position: chief nursing sister

- Setting the tasks for paramedical staff and its execution control

- Organization and control of Sanitary & Epidemiological Station (SES) norms and requirements execution

-  Personnel choice and adaption of the personnel at working place

-  Regulatory documentation control.

2012 - 2013 - AS-STOM dental clinic

Position: Managing director assistant (manager)

January, 2011 — February, 2012 - AS-STOM dental clinic – dentist’s assistant

Palkin dental clinic - dentist’s assistant.

June, 2008 — January, 2010

Area Analytics Centre of Vinnitsy city

Position: specialist in statistics for the department to control medical service provided by private medical companies.

Due to such a big experience in stomatology field, Mrs. Snezhana is able to estimate optimally a clinic level taking into account the medical service quality, all the staff, technical equipment and culture to treat a customer.  


Read the profile please

Dear Customer!

Your answers to our questionary would allow us to choose optimally for you the right stomatologic service clinic.

An online consultation on base of your answers gives us the possibility to provide an individual and complex approach to your enquiry and also to plan optimally your time needed to organize and to execute the dental care or cosmetic service.

Your data sent to us are secret and no unauthorized people can have an access to it.

    We ask you kindly to answer the questions brought below:

1. Please introduce yourself (name, paternal name, surname)

2. Date of birth

3. How often do you consult a dentist?

- once a month

- once in 3 months

- once in 6 months

- you have never consulted a dentist.

    4. Would you like to change anything in the appearance of your teeth? If yes, what precisely would you like to change?

    5. Have you ever passed the dental procedure of teeth whitening? If not, why? Would you like to whiten your teeth?

6. When did you visit a dentist the last time for tooth decay treatment?

7. When did you pass the last time the oral hygiene complex procedure?

8. Do you have dental sensitivity to cold, hot, sweet?

9. Have you ever received treatment for bite correction by means of planes, orthodontic brackets, dental mouth guards?

10. What bite correction technology was used?

11. Has been the bite correction recommended to you earlier?

12. If the bite correction is recommended, why have you refused earlier from the treatment?

13. Do you have missing teeth?

14. Have you earlier got implants to replace the missing teeth?

15. Do you have any removable structures in your mouth (artificial dentures)?

16. Would you like to replace the removable structures with non-removable ones? If not, why?

17. When did you make an X-ray examination of your mouth cavity the last time?

18. What X-ray control of your mouth did you pass the last time? When?

19. Do you know about any contraindications for X-ray examination of your mouth?

20. What are the contraindications?

21. Do you agree that an X-ray examination is necessary to find out diseases of teeth and mouth cavity?

22. Have you ever passed the gums treatment?

23. How were your gums treated precisely?

24. When did you have the last stomatological treatment and what was done?

25. Were you satisfied with the last treatment? If not, why?

26. What would you like to change in the appearance of your teeth?

27. What is your purpose to contact the dentist now?

28. Would you like to have the smile that you have had before, or would you like a get a new smile?

29. Do you have any harmful habits? If yes, which ones?

30. Do you feel fear for dental care? If yes, why?

31. Do you have any allergy reactions, also for anaesthesia and antibiotics?

32. When did you make the last time the examination for Hi virus, AIDS, hepatitis?

33. Do you have any chronic illnesses? If yes, which ones?

34. Have you ever passed a surgery under general anaesthesia (narcosis)? If yes, describe the circumstances shortly.


Questions for women

35. Are you pregnant? If yes, what is the period?

36. Do you breast-feed a baby?

37. Do you take hormonal medications?

38. Are you interested in cosmetological services? If yes, which ones?


My answers to the questionary are truthful.

Additionally I would like to share the following information about my health: …………………………………………………………………………

My expectations of the treatment result are: …………………………………………………………………………


Date…………………                               Surname, name……………………………………………

About our company

Do you dream about a Hollywood smile?



We provide a patient with whatever is required: meeting in the airport, transport to the accommodation place, living in apartments, solution of all domestic problems and requirements during his habitation in Saint-Petersburg. We provide full accompaniment of the patient starting from the consultation and examination up to finishing of the treatment. We organize spending leisure time in the most interesting and historically significant city of the world, and we take care of doing it this way that the treatment period would become bright and unforgettable.

‘SMILE BEAUTY TOUR’  has several branches of activity:

Medical, if a patient comes to us for particular treatment or dental restoration

Cosmetological, directed to improve the appearance, feeling healthy and other requirements in this field.

‘SMILE BEAUTY TOUR’  is a rather popular trend because it has an ideal ratio of price and treatment quality.

It is safety, reliability, comfort and dental restoration and beauty.


We make and settle with you the schedule of all necessary diagnostics procedures and consultations beforehand, with the possibility to make necessary corrections at place.

 ‘SMILE BEAUTY TOUR’ provides all the possible variants of a doctor and a patient mostly effective cooperation.

This function is provided by our medical coordinator for the international communications department who follows a patient in the hospital and fully controls the treatment process. Being not a professional in the field, the patient is not able sometimes to give the doctor a full picture of his disease and to understand the suggested recommendations.


The work of the accompanying specialist who discusses with doctors the patient’s problems in professional language increases consultation effectiveness and treatment by several times. Besides, as well as a patient is not familiar with National Health Service, it would be very difficult for him to orient in a modern Russian clinic structure. The support of our representative provides and guarantees the patient the defense from unnecessary medical services, the best conditions for patients and their family members.


The dental treatment prices in Saint-Petersburg are significantly less than in Israel and far below the prices in Moscow.

Therefore it is not surprising that ‘SMILE BEAUTY TOUR’  should be so highly popular in Israel. It gives safety, reliability, comfort in dental health restoration.